After Eid-ul-Fitr Holidays School Reopens on 16th Apr 2024


principal's message

Ms. Jayalekshmi Jayakumaran Nair

                    With the visionary goal of moulding the global citizens of tomorrow through Experiential Learning, we at Galileo International School strive to create a holistic framework of education in order to facilitate students throughout their learning experience, thereby fostering an environment that encourages a culture of creativity. As an institution Affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Examinations (CBSE) we seek to cater to our students by integrating the National Identity, culture and values of Qatar into the prescribed academic syllabus. Our team of highly qualified teachers at Galileo always facilitate the students to simultaneously engage with the prescribed academic content meaningfully as well as explore all their varied and diverse co-curricular and extra-curricular interests in order to ensure that we can nurture the skills and talents of the students properly. It is through this combination of a holistic framework and a comprehensive teaching approach that we are able to enable our students with the tools required to grow into not merely the citizens of tomorrow, but rather the leaders and sculptors of the future.      

Future Student

An Interconnected Ecosystem

We focus on building our community through connecting the students, parents and teachers together.

Our Facilities

Galileo International School commences in a spacious building with an adjacent playground in an area which is suitable and convenient for the community to have access from surrounding areas. In future there are plans to have own building for the school with all the facilities built in to have its own identity and to cater the demands as per scholastic and non-scholastic demands.

Pay Us a visit

For more inquiries and information about our school, teachers, curriculum and extra curricular activities, please feel free to pay us a visit and explore the school. 

Our School

We aim at maintaining high standards in managing the school activities by reviewing and improving every service offered. The school maintains standards in managing its facilities, transportation, and other affiliated services. 

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