Our Facilities

Galileo International School commences in a spacious building with an adjacent playground in an area which is suitable and convenient for the community to have access from surrounding areas. In future there are plans to have own building for the school with all the facilities built in to have its own identity and to cater the demands as per scholastic and non-scholastic demands.


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Latest News

Eid Al Addha 2024

To celebrate Eid Al Addha on 12th June 2024 at 10:30 am to showcase the talents of our students and encourage them to work together for the progress of our school and to build a harmonious community.

Investiture Ceremony

To honour the elected leaders of the Galileo International School, we are organizing the Investiture Ceremony on 23rd May 2024, as leadership serves as the foundation for shaping the educational environment, fostering a positive school culture.

Arabic Expo 2023

To celebrate World Arabic Language Day, we are organizing an Arabic exhibition on 13th December 2023 (Wednesday), that aims to showcase the diverse talents, creativity, and appreciation for the Arabic language within our school community.