School Policies and Rules

Behaviour Policy

We give utmost importance to discipline. Students should move in perfect discipline.

Wishing teachers in class must be done together and in proper manner.

* Maintain silence in the library

* Mobile phones not allowed

* Boys should follow descent hair cut

* Nails must be cut regularly and kept clean.

* Shoe must be polished

Follow school uniform correctly and maintain the dress in neat and clean way.

Use of abusive language, quarrelsome behaviour, shouting and whistling is not allowed.

We promote self-imposed discipline

No absence in the class without proper reasons. Parents to communicate with the teacher through school diary. Medical certificate to be submitted for leave more than 3 days on medical grounds.

We engage our students in meaningful, important education

we are more than just a school - we teach vital life skills to ensure pupils thrive in future life, outside of education as well as within.

We’re not just an educational institution, but a community

We’re a community, and we develop our students and staff to thrive and build long lasting relationships within.

Clubs and societies that help develop your childs persona.

At Galileo, we engage our pupils in clubs and societies outside of education, so your child finds their passion.

Come and See Us

We recommend that families come and visit our school to get the full picture.
We hope to see you soon at Galileo International School (CBSE).






Behaviour Policy