School Policies and Rules

Pass/Fail Policy

1. Rationale:

Galileo International School (CBSE) has all children’s best interest at heart. Every child learns at a different pace and it is therefore important to take this into account throughout, and especially towards the end of each academic year.

Should a child not meet the required year standard, or displays severe learning difficulties, Galileo International School (CBSE) reserves the right to hold the child back from moving on to the next year group, and the child will repeat their present year group.

In order to progress into the next year group, 35% Marks with minimum 75% attendance is compulsory for promotion. Those who do not meet this criterion shall be detained.

Note: Absences which are excused (doctor’s note, leave request form) will not be taken into account.

 2. Assessment Key:

 Key Needs to Improve Developing Established Competent
يحتاج لتحسن جيد جيد جداً ممتاز
% Below 44 45 – 65 65 – 84 85 – 100

4. Parental involvement:

All teaching staff at Galileo International School (CBSE) are committed to update all parents on a regular basis on their child’s academic progress. Parents of children who are in danger of failing their year group in an academic year will be called to discuss their children’s progress well in advance, but latest towards the end of the second term, so that the necessary support can be given and children are given the opportunity to improve in the areas addressed to meet the required expectations for the year group.

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